Download: My Excel Tracking Sheet Template

aug 18 excel


My answer is Yes.

Since November 2010 when I started buying NIKL at IPO.

Version 2.0 na ito sa tingin ko 🙂


Anong meron sa Excel Tracking Sheet ko?


#1. History of deposits

aug 18 history


#2. List of Sold Stocks (not in portfolio already)

aug 18 sold


#3. List of Active Stocks (currently in portfolio)

aug 18 active


#4. Portfolio

You can compute a Target Price and a Buy Below Price

aug 18 port


#5. Fees Calculator

Fees for COL Financial po ito ha

aug 18 calc


#6. Mutual Funds Tracking

aug 18 MF


#7. Milestones (when did you hit your target amount?)

aug 18 targets



You can keep the tabs that are helpful to you (only because they make sense to you); this is just a template.

This sheet is personal, meaning I customized it to meet my tracking needs. You can disregard or modify ANYTHING in it.

I may explain briefly how the formulas work, if you ask.

If you’ll ask me to create a template for you, I will simply decline.

I will give you the opportunity to learn how to track your profits on your own 🙂

Posibleng mali ang formulas ko d’yan kaya check niyo rin po 🙂


Maka-side comment lang…

Sa investing, part ang learning.

Part ng personal finance management ang pag-monitor and pag-track ng iyong investments.

Kahit nga Mutual Funds pa iyan (you don’t buy the stocks individually) you still need to track para alam mo kung nahi-hit mo ba ang target mo.

Hindi naman po ako galit niyan 🙂


You can download the template HERE.

Feel free to share this to your friends too!

Email me if you have questions:


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