Narinig mo na po yan diba?

Cash gives you POWER to buy good deals at a discount,

Cash gives you OPTIONS

So, when you NEED cash NOW

which assets in your portfolio will you LIQUIDATE FIRST?

Your real estate property?

No–you need a ready buyer [this takes time]

Your shares in your business?

No–you will let go of your ownership and stake at your business

Your investments?

Yes, there may be ready buyers of your shares

but what if the market share price is not in your favor? [this needs timing]

Your savings?

Really?–What about that dream getaway you have been wanting to reward yourself with all this hard honest work?




Now imagine that a member of your family,

or you,

got sick.

Not your typical cold or fever but the “real-deal-this-is-serious-kind” of sick

And you want the BEST doctor and medical care NOW

Which assets in your portfolio will you liquidate first?

Your Savings?


Shares in business?

Real Estate Property?

Did you know that you can get LIQUID CASH specifically for times like these WITHOUT even touching your assets?

It’s time to RETHINK your PORTFOLIO

Pagusapan at planuhin natin ito

Because CASH is KING.


Images grabbed from Google Images.


P.S.1. Alam mo ba na pwedeng wala kang babayarang fees kung nag-invest ka for at least 5 years? Read here.

P.S.2. Nag-invest ako directly sa stock market, tuluy-tuloy for 3.5 years. Gusto mo ba malaman kung nakamagkano ako after? Read here.

P.S.3. Paano ba magsimula mag-ipon nang hindi nosebleed? Read here.

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