How To Compute The Future Value Of Money Using Your Smart Phone

Rides? Hanggang saan aabot ang Bente Pesos mo?

Why should we know the future value of our money?

Kasi ang mabibili mo sa pera mo ngayon ay maaaring hindi mo na mabibili some time in the future.

Example, dati ang isang whole chicken ng Max’s ay five pesos lang.



Kelan yun?

Di ko alam, pero tingnan mo ang picture na ito:

Credit to Pesos and Sense

Gusto mo ba malaman ang halaga ng P100,000 mo in the year 2035 (20 years from now)?

Here’s how.

I am using the calculator of an iPhone 4S

Disclaimer: Calculators may differ on different smart phones.

1) Enter the amount that you want to compute


2) Press X X or the multiplication key twice


3) Press 1 plus the inflation rate (converted into decimal)


In this case, inflation rate I used is 5% (average inflation rate in the last 5 years)

4) Press the = sign by the number of years

So if you’re computing the value of your money 20 years from now, you’ll need to press the equal sign 20 times.


Your P100,000 today will be worth this much in the year 2035


Ang value ng P100,000 mo ngayon ay lumaki na ng approximately 165.33% in 20 years.

Having P265,330 in 2035 feels like spending P100,000 now.


Mag Selecta Cornetto ka na!


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